The End of An Era

Let’s talk baseball.
I love baseball.  I am a HUGE New York Yankees fan, so I had to share this.  If you are at all into the game then you know about this gentleman, Mr. Derek Jeter.  You also know that this is his final season.  You may or may not know that last night was his final home game.
I’ve watched this gentleman his entire NYY career and during a time of steroid use and outrageous salaries, he has not ever disappointed.  Always the professional, Mr. November gave us something to look forward to, love, and be proud of.  Even his teammates and peers have had nothing but positive words and respect for this amazing player.  How many other professional athletes, celebrities, or public figures can we say that about today?  Not many.  Not many at all.  Now, I’m not trying to say that he is some sort of angel or God; he is, after all, a man.  We make mistakes and do stupid things, but that I can not think of any such press about Mr. Jeter is exactly the point.  The conduct that he has displayed for his entire career is and will be the standard for others to try to live up to.  What a standard that is!
He is also known for saying that he only cared about winning.  That was he job, playing to the best of his ability and to win.  Every day he took that field, every charity organization he worked with, every child he spoke to, one thing was clear; winning wasn’t the only thing he cared for.  He cared for his fans.  All of his fans, young and old alike.  With every encounter and camera snap on one of the largest stages with some of the most passionate fans (us New Yorkers can be real fanatics! 😉 ) that you will find anywhere, our beloved DJ showed his love for us by being one the most well respected, classiest, professionals he could be.  He gave us baseball.  We gave him love and respect.  Pure and simple.
This is truly the end of an era.  Thank you, Derek, for giving us your best.
Mr. Derek Jeter, this fan wishes you great success with the next stage of your life. You, sir, are one classy gentleman, and will be so incredibly missed as a New York Yankee.
Jeter's Final Home Game

Source unknown.

I would like add, not as a side note but its own relevant point, that I believe this man has turned out to be who he is because that is what his parents taught him.  Props to you, Dr. and Mrs. Jeter.

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