It’s the week of Thanksgiving… Cue Scary Music!

Let the Thanksgiving meal prep begin! Four days to go!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the dreaded few days before the big meal; though it usually is for a lot of people. Right now I’m calculating food quantities… we’re notorious in my home for making too much. But I’m not going to sweat it. If there’s too much, oh well. It will eventually be eaten!
I also make a lot of dishes from scratch – such as bread, cranberry sauce, pie crusts and any pies – which can add stress; especially if you’re a guest and need to be somewhere by a certain time. Lucky me, I’ll be home this year so if I’m running behind schedule, no worries! There will be plenty to munch on while waiting. 😉 There will be things to do as well. Plenty of games like Bingo and even a “Thankful Tree” that everyone can add leaves to with all that they are thankful for (I’m looking forward to that). And it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without football!

Usually, I tend to go with the flow – also known as procrastinating – but for this Turkey Day I’m going to take advantage of the gazillion helpful tips, tricks, and tools available and plan ahead a bit! Shocking to friends and family who know me, I know, but I’ma give it a go!

Sunday:  Today is pre-prep day. Calculating food quantities, defrosting, checking spices, decorations, shopping for whatever is missing. I found this neat ‘cheat sheet’ from Helps take out a lot of the guesswork!
If I can manage it I think I’ll make the pie crusts, too.

Monday is for prep. I like to get my spices ready beforehand so I’ll be doing that this day. Also all the chopping except the fruit. Maybe a loaf of bread or two.  A trip to the basement for THE dishes and platters and pretty things will be happening.

Tuesday is for mixing. Everything that can be mixed together will be! I’ll be seasoning up the turkey so it can marinate, too. The potatoes, the crusts (if they’re not done), corn bread, veggies… all seasoned and mixed, put in a dish, ready to go!

Wednesday is for baking.  Pies first!  Mmmmm… the house always smells fabulous!  Gives them plenty of time to cool while I work on everything else.  Then the stuffing and veggies.  I know it isn’t baking but the cranberry sauce will also be made.  The fruit will be chopped and I’ll take care of setting THE dishes and pretty things out.

Thursday is for… well, everything!  Turkey in the oven.  The potatoes will go in later in the day and everything will be heated up one at a time.

Then time to sit down, eat, converse, and enjoy!

This is my less-stress-and-enjoy-the-day plan.  🙂  I hope you get to sit down and enjoy your day however and wherever you’re doing it!
Not such a bad thing, this planning stuff.  Might do it from now on…  heh heh.


How about you?  What do you do to make things run smoothly?

Until next time…



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